Q: Do I have to donate to the same charity that you have chosen?

A: Absolutely not. You are free to donate to whichever charity you care to.


Q: I see that your Just Giving site starts on 1 January. Do I have to start on the same date?

A: No. You are free to start whenever you want, and can do it for as long as you want – a week, a month, a year – the choice is yours!


Q: Do I have to cut things out completely?

A: No, not if you don’t want to. It may be that you’ve been meaning to cut down on something rather than cutting it out completely. All that we ask is that you give a proportion of the money that you’ve saved to your chosen cause.


Q: But what happens if I enjoy my ‘vice’?

A: Not a problem; simply exclude that from your list. For example, I want to give up KFC, but I don’t want to give up Nando’s. I’m happy to donate the money I used to spend on KFC as I felt ‘dirty’ after eating there, whereas Nando’s is a fine dining experience in my eyes. Similarly you might want to support your local coffee shop, as opposed to some multinational coffee chain domiciled in some offshore tax haven. It’s entirely up to you.


Q: Do I have to use Just Giving as the means for collecting money?

A: No. You’re perfectly free to use whichever means or website (eg Virgin Money Giving, or BT Giving) to administer your chosen charity. I’d recommend using a website so that it is both and may others can donate to your cause on your behalf.


Q: I’ve looked at the site and decided to carry on as I am. I won’t be donating any money to charity this year. Will you think any less of me?

A: Definitely not!! I know that you’re amazing. This isn’t about making you feel guilty. If there’s a way that we can all win, that’s brilliant; that’s what this is about.


Q: Who is your favourite footballer?

A: It’s not particularly relevant to this website but, since you ask, JJ Okocha. I’ve always had a deep regret though that I never saw George Best when I had the opportunity to do so.