Month 2

I’m now at the end of month 2 of my ongoing physical and spiritual detox.

If I’m being honest, I’m a little disappointed that I haven’t lost a bit more weight. Simply reducing biscuits, snacks and alcohol hasn’t worked its magic. It’s surprised me how much my weight seems to fluctuate, even when measured on the same set of scales, wearing roughly the same attire and the same time of day. My weight seems to fluctuate between 84 & 86.5kg. If the latter reading is correct then basically I have lost the equivalent of a large poo in 2 months. It’s not going to win me Slimmer of the Year at this rate. Maybe I need to concentrate on my meals a little more and cut down on portion sizes. That’s not what I signed up for though!!

The target weight is 80kg. I had hoped to be there by the end of February (2017 for the avoidance of doubt). That now isn’t going to happen without the aid of time travel. Sadly I didn’t take that module at school. I could apply to be the new Dr Who though.

However, on the positive side, we have now contributed over £130 to Bolton Lads and Girls Club since embarking on this challenge and, best of all, it hasn’t cost a penny to do so. The target for the year was to raise £400, simply by asking people to do something positive for themselves that they wouldn’t normally do, or not to do a negative (double negative = positive). So far it looks like we are well on track to deliver on that.


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